Brand, Product, UX Strategy, and Photography.


I help businesses make revenue by building brands that customers fall in love with.

Photo by  Caroline Kessler

Through research, UX, design, and photography, I help companies create effective strategy, engaging brand identity, lovable products, and memorable campaigns.

I’m a hands-on, senior creative and product executive with experience across a broad range of industries including Auto, Health & Fitness, Luxury, Finance, and Media & Publishing.

I’m a Principal at Gnomic in New York. You can find me on the socials or, if you prefer old school, use the form below.

Previously: SVP of Product at Inscape, Head of Product at IAC/Daily Burn, Chief Product Officer at Fitocracy (acquired); and Executive Creative Director at The Wonderfactory where my team helped create products like Chrome OS (for Google), Hulu, Texture (acquired by Apple; now Apple News+); and a digital magazine platform for Time Inc used by tens of thousands of publications (acquired by Adobe).

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